FinePhotoArt by Ferdara


Welcome to my FinePhotoART Gallery!
Welcome my guest, I am Ferdara, a native of South Louisiana. It's a place on earth were we have an abundance of water and life.
As a Cajun growing up in the 60's I received my first insta-matic camera. This started a passion for capturing the moment. In the late 70's I purchased my 1st SLR film camera, at that time I was the captain on a corporate jet, this allowed me to capture, many beautiful images. In the 90's thru the early 2000's my two sons and I set off to explore our great nation, we traveled and photographed all 50 states. Today, I use my Nikon d800 and my Sony NEX7, both allow me to record how I see our world and to compose my vision into, fine art.
I now share my art with our world. Thanks for stopping by.... relax and browse, it's soothing for the soul - Enjoy!
Ferdara Mark Hubbard